Ball 18 SS23 | banana split

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Descrição Candeeiro suspenso de design nórdico classico
  "Over the years, BALL has evolved in keeping with the trends of the day, and the lamp has been produced in all the popular colours of the past many decades. Since 1968, the BALL family has also regularly been expanded without losing its most well-known design elements. Today, BALL comes in countless colours and models, ranging from table lamps and floor lamps to wall lamps and pendant"

Acabamentos Banana Split - Pantone 114C
Bubblegum - Pantone 508C
Get Your Greens - Pantone 347C
Brighty Blue - Pantone 2143C
Material Metal
Cabo  200cm (têxtil - cor igual ao acabamento)
Altura (cm) 16
Largura (cm) 18
Diâmetro (cm) ø18 (globo)
Copo teto ø10xH2cm
Casquilho E27 (max. 40W)
Fonte Luz Exclui lâmpada LED E27
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