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Nori 39 | brushed steel

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Descrição Candeeiro suspenso de design nórdico em metal e madeira
  "Nori is a family that stands together without being inseparable. Lines, shapes, and surfaces are harmonic, furnishing all of the designs with an unmistakable ease. The design is erect in stature, and is refined in its exclusive FSC certified oiled walnut top in one of the hallmarks of the Float collection. It fits easily into a range of interior design contexts – with smart looks in a mix of colours and sizes."
Acabamentos White (branco) / Black (preto) / Brushed steel (aço escovado) / Copper (cobre)
Materiais Metal e madeira (wood) 
Cabo Têxtil 300cm branco ou preto
Altura (cm) 27
Largura (cm) 39
Diâmetro (cm) shade Ø39cm

Copo teto

ø12 H9cm
plástico branco ou preto
Casquilho E27 max 40W
IP / class IP20 Class 2
Fonte Luz Excl. Bulb e27
Referências 212012823001 Nori 39 white
212012823003 Nori 39 black
212012823032 Nori 39 brushed steel
212012823030 Nori 39 copper