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Utzon JU1 | steel blue

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Descrição Candeeiro suspenso
Design by Jørn Utzon

"Offering a new take on the classic Danish design, &Tradition welcomes the Utzon Special Edition lamp in Steel Blue to its collection. Commemorating the 50th anniversary of the completion of the UNESCO World Heritage Site, Sydney Opera House, by architect and designer Jørn Utzon, this bold new shade brings a striking new character to the pendant."
Acabamentos Matt White
Steel Blue Special Edition 
Material Lacquered or plated steel
Altura (cm) 23
Diâmetro (cm) ⌀22
Cabo (cm) 400 cm têxtil branco/preto
Casquilho E27
Proteção IP IP20 Class II
Fonte Luz Exclui lâmpada LED E27
Referências 13311242A325 Utzon JU1 Matt White
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