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Margin floor lamp | beige

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Descrição Candeeiro de pé de inspiração clássica com abajur têxtil.

" The Margin lighting family is designer John Asbury’s modern interpretation of a classic luminaire. Exploring a tiered typology for lighting, Margin’s intersecting shades gently diffuse the light and instantly set the tone with warmth and tactility. The softness of the fabric is tempered by a clean and graphic silhouette that lends a certain presence and volume to a space. It is the sense of proportions, along with details such as the linear element through the lamp, which sharpen the aesthetics and allow Margin’s special character to unfold."
Acabamento Abajur beige com base em preto
Materiais Powder coated steel with textile shade (Aço e têxtil)
Cabo 200cm têxtil preto
Altura (cm) 143 (153cm total com tubo)
Diâmetro (cm) ⌀46
Casquilho E27 (max 11W)
Proteção IP IP22 Class II
Fonte Luz Exclui 3x lâmpadas LED E27