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Journey SHY1 | black

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Descrição Candeeiro de mesa ou parede em aço e vidro soprado.
Permite regular a intensidade da luz e a temperatura da cor.
Design by Signe Hytte

"The Journey lamp is a merging of two classic geometric shapes, the sphere and the rectangle. The round, opal glass shade is reminiscent of the moon. Journey comes as both a table lamp and a wall lamp, with subtle colour combinations that make it easy to place anywhere. Whether the moon is full or not, the intention is for you to enjoy the design and all the moods you can create."
Acabamentos Silk Grey RAL 7044
Black RAL 9004
Materiais Aço e vidro soprado
Altura (cm) 24
Largura (cm) 18
Profundidade (cm) 26
Cabo 200cm têxtil preto
Proteção IP IP20 Class II
Fonte Luz Placa LED dimável 4,8W CRI >85 480lm
dim-to-warm 2200-2800K
Referências 2032121002 Journey SHY1 silk grey
2032121094 Journey SH1 black