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Tabata LN10 | silk grey

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Descrição Candeeiro de parede
Design by Luca Nichetto

"Intended as a work of art, the Tabata lamp unites an industrial aesthetic with a warm light. Tabata was born after designer Luca Nichetto became intrigued by the idea of creating a lamp that appeared to float. Comprised of three interconnected metal modules, Tabata can be oriented by the owner to direct the diffused light source as desired."
Acabamentos Black
Silk Grey
Dark Burgundy
Materiais Alumínio e acrílico
Altura (cm) 21
Largura (cm) 15
Profundidade (cm) 10
Casquilho 4xGU10
Fonte Luz Exclui 4x lâmpadas LED GU10
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