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Formakami JH3 | ivory white

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Descrição Candeeiro suspenso
Design by Jaime Hayon

"East meets West in Jaime Hayon’s playful tweak of a traditional Asian lantern in contemporary expression. Dating back centuries, paper lanterns have featured in Asia amongst the privileged and the poor, where different colours, shapes and sizes connote different meanings. Here Hayon has dispensed with cultural formalities to create a series of lamps all in white. Hand crafted with rice paper merging various sizes and shapes together. The series is comprised of three different lantern versions and a table lamp in ivory white rice paper with black stained oak accents."
Acabamento Ivory White
Materiais Ivory White paper, Black stained oak
Cabo 400 cm têxtil preto
Altura (cm) 68
Diâmetro (cm) ⌀46
Casquilho 2x E27
Proteção IP IP20 Class II
Fonte Luz Exclui 2x lâmpadas LED E27