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Artist P 40 | beige

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  • Preço normal 300,77 EUR 369,95 EUR (IVA incluído)

Descrição Candeeiro suspenso slim de desin minimalista

"With its contemporary design and simple shape, the award-winning Artist is a beautiful candidate for a future classic. The built-in LED panel is covered with an opalized shade that softens and diffuses the light. As the name suggests, the design is inspired from the world of music – by a drum kit cymbal. Design by Bønnelycke MDD."
Material Metal e difusor opalino em plástico
Diâmetro (cm) Ø40
Altura (cm) 6
Cabo 300 cm textil branco, preto ou cinza
Copo de teto  Ø11,4 H8,2 (cone plástico) Preto ou cinza 
IP IP20 Class II
Voltagem 230V
Fonte Luz LED 24W 1600lm 3000K dimmable
Referências 8309123030 Copper (cobre)
8309123010 Matt grey (cinza)
8309123003 Matt Black (preto)
8309123009 Matt Beige