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Caret MF1 portable | dark burgundy

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Descrição Candeeiro portátil para interior com design de inspiração clássica.
Permite regular a intensidade da luz
Design by Matteo Fogale
"A practical solution to the increasingly blurred boundaries between work and home, the portable Caret reimagines the linear silhouettes of the classic, green-shaded designs – known as 'bankers lamps' – found in historic libraries. Made entirely from lacquered steel, the design features a rounded base and a long, pyramid-shaped top that emits a soft, diffused light."
Acabamentos Silk Grey
Dark Burgundy
Materiais Lacquered metal, ABS - The shade and base are made of metal which has been spun and welded. The battery compartment is made of moulded ABS.
Cabo 200 cm magnético USB
Altura (cm) 22
Largura (cm) 15
Profundidade (cm) 10
Casquilho G4
Proteção IP IP44 Class III
Fonte Luz Inclui lâmpada LED regulável
G4 1W 2700K 100lm CRI >85
com 3 modos de intensidade de luz
(100% - 70% - 40%)
Bateria recarregável em 3,5h com duração de 11h em intensidade máxima (substituível)
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