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Oyster table | black

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Candeeiro de mesa com design de inspiração orgânica, fabricado em alumínio reciclado.

"Made in casted recycled aluminium, the Oyster Wall Lamp has a decorative, organic shape due to its soft, lively curves. Reminiscent of oyster shells gathered at the beach, the texture and finish of the lamp has a distinctive, rough expression owing to the casting process, and the interplay between its curved shape and raw surface creates a compelling contrast. Designed with an LED light source, the Oyster Wall Lamp plays with light and shadow to highlight the uniqueness of the material as well as its organic shape."

Acabamento Black
Material Alumínio reciclado ( 100% recycled casted aluminium with black patina)
Altura (cm) 23,6
Largura (cm) 25
Comprimento (cm) 17,3
Casquilho E14
Cabo 260cm preto
Proteção IP IP20 Class II
Fonte Luz Inclui lâmpada LED dimmable E14 4W