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Tripod HM9 | moss

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Descrição Candeeiro de mesa
Design by Hvidt & Mølgaard

"Tripod from 1953 reflects the clean minimalism of Old Masters Hvidt & Mølgaard. A floor lamp built from lacquered steel with brass details, it strikes a delicate balance between the stark simplicity of its design and the softness injected by the curved edges of its base. Although it was designed in 1953, this is the first time it’s in production. Now available in three contemporary colours: Black, Maroon and Moss."
Acabamentos Moss - RAL 7010
Maroon - RAL 8012
Black - RAL 9011
Material Metal
Cabo 200 cm têxtil preto
(regulador no cabo)
Altura (cm) 45
Largura (cm) 26
Profundidade (cm) 31
Casquilho E14
Proteção IP IP20 Class II
Fonte Luz Exclui lâmpada LED E14
Referências 1409120001 Tripod Table lamp HM9 Moss
1409120032 Tripod Table lamp HM9 Maroon
1409120094 Tripod Table lamp HM9 Black